A brief about City Walk
The finest in Shopping, Dinning & Entertainment!

City Walk (Al Mamsha), will be constructed on a plot admeasuring around 23000 sq. m and the first phase will offer a Leisure Centre. City Walk is a world class commercial project that contains Restaurants, Cafes, Fast Food Outlets, Entertainment Hub comprising of a bowling centre, children’s recreational area and much more. It is designed to awaken the senses of the residents of Sur and the surrounding areas and offer them a unique location to unwind. The design standards of City Walk will match, or even surpass the other players in the same field, in this industry. The interior as well as the exterior of City Walk has been designed to match international standards.

The interior of City Walk will feature very artistic designs that will capture the attention of all the visitors and offer them a feeling of coziness and help them relax and chill out in the cafes, restaurants and other areas of entertainment and leisure within City Walk. The ceiling element will portray a wave like design to blend with the Sea and Sur. It will also have a large glass roof with ample sky light offering an ambience of being outdoors, in the sun during the day and enjoying the beauty of the night sky, even though one is indoors. The interior will also furnish water features, wide corridors with seating and planters all around exhibiting the green effect.

The external design is extremely attractive and has the ability to ‘pull in the crowd’. This is complemented by the huge parking facilities that have been considered and the green belt that surrounds the compound certainly makes it more appealing to enter City Walk. The design features comprise metal cladding, huge glass façade, and a garden with seating and kids play area with riders, water features and plantation. The lighting effects highlight the design at night at the same time it provides ample amount of illumination for people to move about freely.

Thus we can comprehend that City Walk has a lot to offer for everyone residing in the area and for those travelling or passing through Sur. City Walk will cater to the needs and requirements of a family, the young generation, kids, and even those who want to conduct business.

We have some opportunities to offer in the form of retail spaces that we are ready to let out for the following commercial activities:

Fast Food, Fine Dining and Up-market Coffee Shops, Bank, Pharmacy, Bowling Alley, Billiards, Kids Zone, Electronics and Other suitable Retailers that support the concept of City Walk. Any parties that are interested in investing in this esteemed project may contact us through email on the following address: